Atari 2600 Top 100...and 1 Greatest Games of All Time

Welcome! This site exists because I simply could not find what seemed to be an objective list of the Top 100 Atari 2600 games. The closest were fan polls in forums, but the scope was simply too small. So, I dug up every reputable resource I could find and created a weighted formula to calculate the "greatness" of the games. It includes ratings and reviews, fan votes, download popularity, a few Atari publication lists, sales and production. The end result is not my personal favorites, but what seems to be the best attempt (that I know of) to create an objective 100 greatest games list. Enjoy!

Before we get started, I must tell you that the following sites are invaluable resources to any Atari fan or collector, and much of the information on this site was kindly provided by them, so check them out! It's amazing how much information you'll find!

Just a note that only officially licensed and released NTSC games were considered. There are some good homebrew, prototype, and international games out there. As a bonus, the list will start with the best of each of these! So get going, click on "Game Select" and enjoy!

Want to start collecting? Here's a nice checklist for you: Atari 2600 Collection Checklist