(Parker Bros.)

Grade: D- (61.74)

Again, Popeye does battle for the love of that anorexic Olive Oyl. In the first sceen, she throws down hearts which Popeye must capture before they fall into the sea. He must also avoid the hag, which throws bottles (or dots in this case) at him and Brutus, who wants to pummel him. He can punch the bottles and if he eats some spinach, he can beat up Brutus. In the second scene, Popeye catches notes that Olive puts out with her flute. And in the final scene, she sends out X's and O's....awwww! This adaptation captures the essence of the arcade version pretty well. This game has compatibility problems with some TV's, resulting in a "jerky" screen.

Images from www.atariage.com (used by permission)
Descriptions from www.atariguide.com (used by permission)