Grade: C- (71.79)

Ever wonder what happened to Atlantis? Here's one theory. Alien ships are attacking. When they close in on the city, they use their death rays to knock out the city's infrastructure. Atlantis has three guns to defend itself, which you control. But the first thing to be destroyed is always your middle gun, which really weakens your chance of survival. If all of the sections of Atlantis are destroyed, it sinks into the sea, but the survivors escape on the Cosmic Ark (see next game). In the two player version, each player controls one of the two side guns. In November, 1982 there was an Atlantis competition, where 4 finalists competed in a shoot-off in Bermuda. The winner took home $10,000.

Images from www.atariage.com (used by permission)
Descriptions from www.atariguide.com (used by permission)