California Games

Grade: C- (72.28)

Before the X-games came about, Epyx envisioned an Olympic-type event capturing the odd sports that were popular in the 80's. You begin by selecting which hip sponsor you will play for. Then you proceed through the four freestyle events: 1. Foot Bag - Keep the ball in the air for 90 seconds without using your hands, to the tune of "Louie, Louie." You'll be judged on technique. 2. Half Pipe Skateboarding - Do as many cool skateboarding stunts as you can in 90 seconds. 3. BMX Bike Racing - Complete the course in the time limit and score points by doing stunts when you jump the hills. Pick up the blue flags for bonus points 4. Surfing: Stay near the curl of the wave. Score points by doing a variety of tricks and staying afloat. After each event, the top three players are given ribbons. Each ribbon gets you points. At the end of the seven events, the dude with the most points is crowned "California Champion". You can also choose to practice any of the 4 events alone.

Images from www.atariage.com (used by permission)
Descriptions from www.atariguide.com (used by permission)