(Parker Bros.)

Grade: A- (91.80)

Frogger is by far the most requested of all Atari 2600 games in existence. It's no wonder. It's a highly addictive game that everyone remembers from the arcade days, and it appeals to both men and women. It's a good thing that there's plenty of these around. You remember - first hop the frog across the street without getting squished by a car, then hop from log to turtle to get to the other side of the river. Don't fall in the river 'cause this frog can't swim! Beware of the snakes and alligators, and the turtles that look blue - they may be submerging. Then of course, there's the song: do do do do do do ..........

Images from www.atariage.com (used by permission)
Descriptions from www.atariguide.com (used by permission)