Grade: A+ (100.00)

In the quintessential role playing game, you must find an enchanted chalice and bring it back to your castle. Find your way through labyrinths, fight ferocious dragons that want to eat you, and find keys that open the various castles that lead you to your goal. The first level has 2 dragons and is fairly simple to finish. The second has more labyrynths, 3 dragons, and a bat that wants to steal your treasures. The third level places all the objects randomly, making the game different every time. This was a popular game back in the 2600 days, so many of these cartridges exist. But it's still one of the most popular games today, so its value is a little higher than other common games. An "easter egg" is included with this game: find the magic dot, and you'll see the secret message. A description of how to go about it can be found at AGH.

Images from www.atariage.com (used by permission)
Descriptions from www.atariguide.com (used by permission)